Difference Between Tux and Suit

Difference Between Tux and Suit

The key difference between a tux and a suit is the satin details in the tux (or tuxedo). On the other hand, suits lack these fine details. 

When it comes to styling, men have limited options. Yet these options can create confusion. Whether you’re getting married or have been invited to a formal event, you need to know the dress code as well as the difference between a tux and a suit.

Tux vs Suit

Tux vs Suit
Dark colors like black or midnight blue Color Light colors such as blue or gray 
Black patent shoes  Shoes Loafers, Oxfords, or slip-on shoes 
Satin or grosgrain silk lapel material is used Lapel Material Made up of notch or peaked lapels
Worn only for evening events and formal occasions like charity galas, weddings, and nights at the Opera Ideal Time To Wear Any time of day and at less casual events like dates, business meetings, or daytime weddings
Suspenders, cummerbunds, waistcoats, and a self-tied bow tie Main Accessories  They also look great with both bowties and long ties
Pair well with white tuxedo shirts with a wing collar or a turndown collar Shirt Style Pair well with various shirts in a solid color or pattern

What is a Tux?

Originating in the 19th century, a tux (or tuxedo) is a three-piece suit with a black bow tie that is a self-tie. Further, the tie always matches the dinner jacket’s lapel facing and the trouser’s braided work.

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There are satin details such as satin lapels, satin buttons, and a side-stripe down the pant leg. They are worn at evening events or on formal occasions. 

Most Recommended Tux Colors

Wearing a tux can enhance a person’s personality to the next level. Tuxes are distinguishing and look sophisticated. Modern tuxedos are available in a variety of color options. 

Popular Modern Tuxedo Colors

  • White tuxedo
  • Navy blue tuxedo
  • Burgundy tuxedo
  • Tartan tuxedo
  • Green tuxedo
  • Kingsman-style orange tuxedo

Must-Have Tux Accessories For Men 

Pair your tuxedo with some accessories to up your style game.

Usually, cummerbund, waistcoats, and Oxfords are used to accessorize the look. But now there are more options available. 

Tuxedo Accessories

  • Bow tie or necktie
  • Cufflinks and studs
  • Suspenders
  • Pocket square
  • Dress watch
  • Boutonniere

The tuxedo shirt is a must-have dress shirt worn with the tuxedo. Pay special attention to the fabric and color to achieve a look that matches your personal style.

What is a Suit?

The term “suit” is from the French word suite, which means following. This is because each suit component follows the other and has the same cloth and color worn together. 

A suit consists of a suit jacket and suit pants, also known as trousers, of the same material. However, some variations do exist.

Suits are seen as business attire in many cultures and are worn in informal settings like casual meetings or a day event. A two-piece men’s suit has a jacket and trousers; a three-piece suit has a waistcoat also. 

Most Recommended Suit Colors 

Suits are popular attire for business professionals. But, if you have to wear a suit everyday, you might get bored of wearing the same black suit repeatedly. 

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Popular Modern Suit Colors

  • Navy blue
  • Charcoal gray
  • Medium gray
  • Light gray
  • Bright blue
  • Dark brown
  • Tan 
  • Patterned
  • Maroon 
  • Black

Must-Have Suit Accessories For Men 

The suit can sometimes be boring, but you can elevate your suit look by adding some classy accessories. 

Suit Accessories

Here is a list of suit accessories you can add. 

  • Tie clip
  • Lapel pin and lapel flower
  • Cufflinks
  • Watch
  • Tie
  • Belt
  • Suspenders
  • Pocket square

Difference Between Tux and Suit

A tux and suit might look similar but have some significant differences. Here is a brief differentiation between the two.


Suits are available in light colors such as blue or gray and have casual fabrics. However, the tux comes in dark colors like black or midnight blue.


Black patent leather shoes are worn with tuxedos, whereas loafers, Oxfords, or slip-on shoes can be paired with suits.

Lapel Material

Suits are made up of notch or peaked lapels and often have the same fabric. In a tux, satin or grosgrain silk lapel material is used. 

Ideal Time To Wear

Tuxedos are worn only for evening events and formal occasions like charity galas, black-tie weddings, and nights at the Opera. 

In contrast, you can wear a suit any time of day. Moreover, all the less casual events like dates and some business meetings call for a suit over a tux! 

Main Accessories

The main tuxedo accessories are a waistcoat, suspender, cummerbund, and a self-tied bow tie.

On the other hand, suits are versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on the accessories. However, they also look great with both long and bow ties.

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Shirt Style

Tuxedos are worn with white shirts with either a wing collar or a turndown collar. At the same time, suits pair well with various suit shirts in a solid color or pattern.

Which Do You Prefer?

A tux and suit are classic attire in the men’s clothing section. But they are different from each other in a variety of parameters. You can don suits at any time of the day as they are less formal and ideal for business environments. 

While there are ready-made suits and tuxedos available, you should always get your suit or tux sized properly. You can do this by finding a tailor you trust or by making sure you have accurate measurements when trying on your suit or tux.  

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