Difference Between Blunt and Joint

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A blunt is a large joint enveloped in a cigar wrapper, which means that it has tobacco additives. A joint is a cigarette made entirely of marijuana, meaning you’ll smoke marijuana alone without any additives.

There are various methods to consume marijuana in the current cannabis culture, but smoking is still the most popular choice. The two most common ways to smoke marijuana are in a blunt or a joint.  

But how do you differentiate between these two rolling methods? Would you enjoy a blunt more or a joint? Read on to understand the differences in the texture and composition of blunts and joints.

What is a Blunt?

An enormous joint enveloped in a cigar wrapper is called a blunt. Since brown cigar papers have tobacco, smoking a blunt composed of cigar paper involves smoking tobacco and cannabis. However, while rolling a blunt, you don’t add tobacco to the marijuana.

The tobacco paper in a blunt intensifies your high, which is why many smokers use them. The preferred hand-roll delight for cannabis connoisseurs looking for a bit more punch with their high is a blunt.

A blunt contains tobacco additives.

What is a Joint?

A joint is a cigarette made entirely of marijuana. It means that you’ll smoke marijuana alone, without any additives. It is among the most widespread and well-liked administration methods among followers of the priceless plant. 

These cigarettes are not only readily available but also quite simple to assemble. All you need is some quality marijuana and thin rolling paper to roll a joint.

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Stoners often use a grinder to prepare the cannabis for rolling, which is necessary for certain sticky strains like Kush. Then, depending on the amount of ground cannabis you want to stuff in, you may wrap a joint in one or more wrapping paper(s).

A joint does not contain any tobacco additives, as it’s purely marijuana.

Difference Between Blunt and Joint

Blunt vs Joint
Comes in a dark hue due to tobacco or hemp leaf used for rolling Appearance Looks whiter due to rolling paper
Burns longer Burn Period Burns for a short time
More intense due to the presence of tobacco in terms of rolling leaf Mouth Feel Less intense
It is present in the form of leaf Tobacco Tobacco is absent from a joint


The color of the paper is the first distinction between a joint and a blunt that you’ll notice. Due to the presence of tobacco, blunts are always fatter and deeper in color.

The look of the paper may also differ. White papers are available, which anyone can bleach. Unbleached sheets are often thinner than blunts and tanner in color. Some sheets are translucent and gold-coated. You can get scented rolling papers or joint paper with printed patterns and different flavors. This can impact the taste when smoking joints.

Exterior texture

Blunts come in various sizes and forms but are typically brown. Since they are made out of actual leaves, the blunt’s exterior contains veins. Depending on how you roll joints, the blunt may seem smooth on the exterior or hard from the leaves and their veins.

Burn Period

The burn time is one of the critical statements supporting a blunt versus a joint. Because blunts are produced from thicker paper than rolling papers, they often burn for longer than roller papers.

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You can also find thick sheets and others labeled as slow-burning if you enjoy joints but prefer a longer burn.

Smoking blunt is excellent when sharing with more significant gatherings of people because of its slower burn. Joints are preferable for smoking quickly, by yourself, or in groups of two or three.

Mouth Feel

You may not immediately recognize this distinction, but joints and blunts will have distinct draw sensations that appeal to people for different reasons. Draw refers to the visceral sensation of smoke entering the mouth and chest after leaving the blunt. Cigar enthusiasts use this term as well when describing cigars.

Similar to how a nice cigar wrap can impact mouth feel and draw, a blunt can make you feel these things in a very primitive sense. Joints are more comparable to cigarettes. The air is still passing through the joint, but using a blunt makes the air passing through more noticeable. It has to do in part with size.


The paper used is the significant distinction between a blunt and a joint. Typically, cigarillos or gutted cigars are used to roll blunts. Both cigars and cigarillos are made by rolling tobacco leaves with tobacco and emptying the contents.

Some people roll using fronto, a sizable natural tobacco leaf containing more nicotine. Some individuals wrap their marijuana totally in fronto, while others tear strips out of it and put them into joints. 

A fronto-wrapped blunt will be uncomfortable if you are not accustomed to ingesting nicotine content. Hemp wraps are the sole option for a tobacco-free blunt wrap. If you wish to smoke papers without tobacco, you’ll have to use rolling papers. 

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If you’re rolling a spliff, you’ll discover tobacco in the rolling papers. Spliffs are cannabis and tobacco-filled joints. However, the terms are synonymous in several regions of the globe.

Does Tobacco Enhance the Marijuana Effect?

The head rush or buzz from the tobacco in the blunt does occur before the effects of the cannabis. Because of their strong first kick, many people think blunts are more potent than joints. 

The two interact with your body in a positive way when you combine marijuana and nicotine. Consequently, you will inherently experience both the high from the nicotine and the high from the cannabinoid THC present in marijuana

The presence of tobacco does not increase the effects of smoking weed. Simply put, you are seeing the two compounds operating separately from one another.

What is the Difference Between a Joint, A Blunt, and a Spliff?

A joint is a cigarette-like mixture you make with rolling paper and marijuana as the filling mixture. However, replacing the rolling paper with cigar paper or a tobacco leaf produces a blunt.

The combination of a joint and a blunt is called a spliff, where you mix weed with some tobacco in the roll. The ratio of weed to tobacco depends on personal taste and preference.

Overall, the presence of tobacco in one form or the other makes a blunt a “stronger” choice for weed enthusiasts. However, some people want to keep their smoking sessions entirely for marijuana. A joint would be more suitable for you if you only want to smoke marijuana.

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