Inter vs Intra

inter vs intra

The main difference between inter vs intra is that inter means within, whereas intra means between.

Inter vs Intra

Anything within the place or thingDefinitionSomething between two groups, objects, or person
Within the same groupUsageAmongst different groups
Usually not doneHyphenationHyphen is never used
One objectInvolvesTwo or more objects
Intrapersonal, intranet, intransitive, intransigent, intraspecies, intramuscular, intratextualExamplesInteraction, internet, international, interview, interface, interfere, interest, interlope

Meaning of Intra

The term intra means something that either occurs or is well within one thing. It stands for anything within or inside a group.

Each of these terms signifies something taking place within a group, object, or thing. The term deals with closed systems within a single group. 

Examples of the Prefix Intra

  • Intracompany
  • Intramural
  • Intranet
  • Medical terms like intracranial and intravenous

The word intracompany signifies anything that takes place well within the boundaries of the particular company. Similarly, intravenous implies within the veins. 

Meaning of Inter

We use the prefix inter to describe something that takes place between two separate groups. You can use it for anything between two or more things, people, or groups. 

International is a common word with the prefix inter. It helps define flights that start from one country and go to another.  

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Examples of the Prefix Inter

  • Interschool
  • Intercollege
  • Interuniversity
  • Intersections
  • Internet
inter vs intra
This is an interstate road.

Difference Between Intra and Inter


While it may sound confusing, the main difference between the two lies in the mere definition. Inter denotes something between two groups, objects, or persons. In contrast, intra helps indicate anything within the place or thing. 


You can only use the term intra to define something taking place between one group or place. It cannot involve more than one group.

On the other hand, you can use the prefix inter to denote two or more groups. It can be any activity between two separate groups, schools, institutions, organizations, places, etc.  

Use Cases

If something occurs within one organization, you will use the prefix intra for it. However, if two or more organizations are participating in it, the prefix inter would be the right choice. 

Intra involves only one thing or group, while inter can denote anything with more than one group or place. 


Although the two prefixes are quite commonly used, here are some of their most popular uses:

InterInteraction, internet, international, interview, interface, interfere, interest, interlope. 

IntraIntrapersonal, intranet, intransitive, intransigent, intraspecies, intramuscular, intratextual.


inter vs intra
This is an intravenous needle.

Relationship Between Intra and Inter

Apart from the similar spelling and sound, there is one more relation between inter and intra that tends to confuse most people.

It’s the fact that inter and intra can be antonyms in many instances. Antonyms are words with opposite meanings. 

Examples of Intra and Inter as Antonyms

  • Intrastate – Interstate 
  • Intranational – International
  • Intramural – Intermural
  • Intragalactic – Intergalactic
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While intranational is only about one nation, international includes more than one country. Similarly, an intrastate highway would go in one state only. Still, an interstate highway is the main road between two or more states or crosses two state lines.

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