Difference Between There and Their

Difference Between There and Their

There is the opposite of the word here. It usually refers to a place or spot. The adverb refers to that place. But their means something that belongs to them.

These homophones or similar-sounding words are quite confusing. People often misplace them in sentences so let’s see the difference between them.

There vs Their

To that place. Opposite of here Meaning 
To that place. Opposite of here 
Refers to belongingness or ownership of more than one person
Refers to belongingness or ownership of more than one person
Adverb, pronoun, adjective, and interjection Parts of speech 
Adverb, pronoun, adjective, and interjection 
Possessive pronoun
Possessive pronoun
Don’t go there. 

There is my school. 

There is no other option left. 

There he is. 
ExamplesTheir song was really nice.
I went to their house yesterday, and it was really well decorated. 

They found their lost car. 

That boat is theirs.

What Does There Mean?

There is the exact opposite of the word here, and we use the word to refer to a place. It is an adverb but also used as a pronoun.

We often use there in a sentence to avoid unnecessary noun repetition.

Examples of There 

  • I love Los Angeles; I want to go there at least once.
  • There wasn’t enough time for them to attend the ceremony.
  • There is something strange going on within their family.
  • Don’t go there; it is not safe.
  • The auditorium should be somewhere over there.
  • There is a frog under the table.
  • People have become so ruthless that there is no hope for humanity left.
  • You asked me to stop there.
  • The opportunity is there, so you must grab it.
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Difference between there and their
“Let’s go there!”

What Does Their Mean?

Their is the possessive pronoun of they. Their is used in a sentence when we have to indicate ownership of a concept or thing by more than a person.

Their is a plural pronoun, but there can be exceptions when the identity or the gender of the owner is not known.

Examples of Their

  • Their presentation was the best of all.
  • It is their garden.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Davidson are our neighbors. Their house is just behind us.
  • I would love to visit their orchard someday.
  • Someone left their backpack here.
  • Could anyone let me borrow their notebook for today?
  • Their new house has a vintage vibe.
  • They have kept their things here.
Difference between there and their
“Their report had some inaccuracies in it.”

Difference Between There and Their


There is the opposite of here, so it refers to a place. More precisely, it refers to a place in the distance. Their, on the other hand, refers to ownership or possession of more than one person.

Part of Speech

There is an adverb of place, pronoun, adjective, and interjection. But their is a possessive pronoun and mostly used as a replacement for singular possessive pronouns like his or her.


Perhaps the most noticeable difference is that these words have different spellings. This is another way to remember the meaning of the homonyms. There without the, “i” means the place, and their with the “i” means people.

There vs Their: Common Mistakes to Avoid  

Incorrect UseCorrect Use
I went to there house.  I went to their house.
Let’s go their. Let’s go there.
Their is my school. There is my school. 
It is there property. It is their property.
They have kept thereThey have kept their things here. 
Their isn’t much to do. There isn’t much to do. 

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