Difference Between Enchilada And Burrito

Explore the difference between enchilada and burrito

An enchilada is typically made with corn tortillas, while a burrito is made with flour. Also, enchiladas are covered with a sauce and eaten with a fork, while burritos are typically eaten with hands.

Mexico hosts various cuisines belonging to indigenous cultures with unique aromas, tastes, and textures. Two exceptional Mexican food items are enchiladas and burritos

Most people often assume both are the same. In reality, the enchilada and burrito are very different.

What is an Enchilada? 

Originating from Mexico, an enchilada is a classic Mexican dish with flavorful fillings wrapped in tortillas. It’s then covered with savory enchilada sauce. The base of this dish is sweet corn and tortilla. Traditionally, corn flour tortillas are used to prepare an enchilada. 

Enchilada Fillings

  • Meats
  • Cheese
  • Beans
  • Potatoes
  • Vegetables

FYI: Enchilada is a Spanish word that means to season with chili or decorated with sauc” in English.  

Difference Between Enchilada and Burrito

What is a Burrito? 

Unlike enchiladas, the burrito originates from Northern Mexico and Tex-Mex cuisine, but it grew in popularity in California. A burrito is a cylindrical wrapped wheat flour tortilla with savory fillings. The flour tortillas are grilled to make them flexible.

The term burrito is a Spanish word for little donkey. When a burrito is topped with red sauce and melted cheese, it’s called a wet burrito or smothered burrito. The preparation process is the same, although shredded or ground beef is used. 

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Burrito Fillings

  • Fajita
  • Refried beans
  • Sour cream
  • Guacamole
  • Veggies.

Note: Stuffing that goes inside burritos undergoes a lot of regional variations. However, authentic burritos are tiny and made with two ingredients only. In layman’s terms, you can refer to burritos as a “wrap.” 


Enchilada vs Burrito

Enchilada vs Burrito
Eaten using a fork and knife Eating Method Eaten using hands
Corn tortillas Type Of Tortilla
Flour tortillas
Corn tortillas
Flour tortillas
Small Size Large 
Baked Making Steamed or lightly grilled
Soaked in sauce Quantity Of Sauce Few splashes of sauce (optional)
One or two fillings like chicken, cheese, and beef Type Of Filling More fillings which include meat, cheese, beans, and toppings

Difference Between Enchilada And Burrito

Eating Method

Most people prefer to eat burritos using their hands because they’re neatly wrapped. However, you’ll need to eat enchiladas with a fork and knife as they’re smothered in sauce.

Type of Tortilla

Burritos use flour tortillas, while enchiladas use corn tortillas. That’s why a burrito is easier to chew than an enchilada. 


Burritos are giant due to a generous amount of stuffing. On the other hand, enchiladas are smaller due to less filling. 

Type 0f Filling

Since burritos are giant, they can hold a variety of fillings, from meat and cheese to beans and other toppings. 

In contrast, enchiladas are small and typically only have one or two fillings, such as veggies, cheese, or meat.

Quantity of Sauce

Burritos don’t need to be garnished with a lot of sauce, while enchiladas are drenched in sauce. Avoid eating enchiladas with your hands.

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How to Roll an Enchilada 

Step 1: Decide your stuffing. It can be any meat, veggies, etc. 

Step 2: Heat the rice flour tortillas to make them flexible.

Step 3: Soak both sides of tortillas in the dipping sauce (red sauce.)

Step 4: Put a sufficient quantity of your stuffing in the middle of the tortilla.

Step 5: Roll the tortilla, ensuring the filling doesn’t come out.

Step 6: Evenly spread the savory enchilada sauce over this enchilada roll.

Step 7: Garnish it with toppings, and your enchilada is ready to be served. 

How to Fold a Burrito

Folding is the primary step of burrito preparation, and the burrito can roll down the fillings if not done correctly. 

Follow these quick steps to fold your burrito tightly. 

Step 1: Heat the wheat flour tortilla on both sides to expand it.

Step 2: Place your stuffing in the center.

Step 3: Roll the sides of tortillas inwards over the fillings.

Step 4: Tuck the upper flap and sides and cover it with the bottom flap.

Step 5: Your burrito roll is ready to be served. 

Did You Know: Mexican restaurants also serve deep-fried burrito rolls along with pico de gallo or chili sauce. 

Will You Order an Enchilada or Burrito?

The fundamental difference between the two is that burritos are usually wrapped up in foil and eaten with the hands, whereas chimichangas are served on a plate as they are garnished with a layer of sauces.

Burritos and enchiladas share many similarities, but their fillings vary. If you prefer corn tortillas, you can opt for enchiladas. Or, if you prefer flour tortillas, you can opt for burritos. 

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The next question is: Will you order mezcal or tequila to drink with your meal?


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