Alpha Male vs Beta Male

Alpha male vs beta male

The main difference between an alpha male and a beta male lies in their overall personality. While an alpha male is assertive and dominant over others, a beta male is just the reverse. That is, weaker and submissive. 

The archetypes alpha male and beta male appear in our favorite comic books, video games, and movies. Alpha male and beta male personalities are often exaggerated in our media in order to make a point.

It’s important to remember that these personas are not scientific and can limit the ways men express themselves. 

Alpha Male vs Beta Male – Quick Comparison

Alpha Male vs Beta Male
Very confident Confidence  Low self-confident
High self-esteem Self-Esteem  Low self-esteem
Possess extensive leadership quality Leadership Followers, not leaders
Extroverts Personality Introverts
Great decision-maker Decision-Making Indecisive in nature
Dominant Relationship  Supportive
Stubborn and aggressive Nature Soft and sweet
Prioritize themselves over others Focus Thoughtful and caring towards others

Who is an Alpha Male?

Alpha male is a unique tag associated with males with great self-confidence and high self-assurance. They present themselves as assertive, dominant, and determined. 

There are subtle cues from the alpha male’s temperament and overall presence that show his self-confidence. When alpha males walk, their heads always remain high, their abdomen inwards, their chest outwards, and their spine fully erect.

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A true alpha male is opinionated, meaning they can voice their views without fear.  

Moreover, they take charge of things no matter the situation. They don’t care about what others think. 

Since alpha males are typically loud and brash, this can create issues with those around them, especially women.  

Alpha male vs beta male
Alpha males are portrayed as being strong physically and mentally.

Alpha Male Traits

Alpha males have certain personality traits that make them distinct from others.

  • Courageous
  • Ability to control their emotions
  • No fear of taking risks and making difficult decisions
  • Opinionated
  • Conscious about their health and body
  • No worry about saying “no.” 
  • Ability to acknowledge and assess their weaknesses
  • Ability to hold themselves in a firm posture

Alpha Female

An alpha female, similar to an alpha male, is a powerful and successful woman. However, in a leadership role primarily. Such females are often described as intimidating by men and women alike.

Who is a Beta Male?

A beta male is the opposite of an alpha male. These guys have lower confidence and self-esteem compared with an alpha male. Beta males are non-commanding and reserved people. In other words, beta males are followers rather than leaders.

Unlike their counterparts, beta males are overall mediocre and avoid confrontation and risk. They lack charisma and aren’t as physically appealing as the typical alpha male archetype.

Alpha Male vs Beta Male
Beta males are often portrayed as agreeable and easy to be around.

Body Language and Traits

Beta males are portrayed by some of these characteristics through their body language. They walk with their head bowed down, slouched, and their back curved. A more positive characteristic is that beta males are typically referred to as nice guys.

These traits are formed in them from childhood and stay till adulthood. They are often portrayed as the victim of bullying and as both indecisive and powerless.

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When it comes to relating to others, beta males often have an easier time because they’re good listeners and value others’ opinions.

Women tend to feel more respected by beta males than by alpha males. Plus, beta males are open to communication and give attention to women, so they are most likely to be good friends. 

Beta Male Traits

Beta males have a specific set of traits that sets them apart from others.  

  • They are followers, not leaders
  • Friendly and open to communication
  • Always dependent on others
  • Avoids conflicts and confrontations
  • Non-aggressive behavior
  • Sense of responsibility 
  • Non-competitive and like to stay reserved
  • Trustworthy and loyal
  • Secure
  • Respect and value others
  • They never say no to others 

Alpha Male vs Beta Male – Key Differences

Alpha males and beta males have significant differences in traits and personality. Here is a brief differentiation between them.


Alpha males are very confident and have unshakable beliefs. On the other hand, beta males have low self-confidence and feel shy in social situations.


Alpha males are known for their high self-esteem and belief in themselves. On the other hand, Beta males often seek validation and feel insecure while making decisions.


Alpha males possess extensive leadership qualities, and they never follow others. On the other hand, beta males are followers and accept others’ opinions.


Alpha males are extroverts in nature. In comparison, beta males are introverts and stay reserved.

Decision Making

Alpha males are great decision-makers, even in difficult situations. Beta males have self-doubts and insecurities, which make it difficult for them to make quick and firm decisions.

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Some women friend zone beta males because they lack initiative and possess neutral behavior. In comparison, women prefer alpha males because of their supportive nature. 

In contrast, women are attracted to the charisma and sexual magnetism of the alphas.


Alpha males are stubborn, dominant, and aggressive. In contrast, beta males are soft and sweet. 


Alpha males focus on their pursuits and value themselves over others. In contrast, beta males are thoughtful and care about others.

Comparing These Personas

Alpha and beta males are tags given to guys, mainly male characters in movies or books, based on their traits.

The main difference between the alpha male and the beta male is that the alpha males are the ones who are assertive, dominant, or powerful. On the other hand, the beta males are passive and weak.

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