Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle

Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle: Whats the difference?

A Labradoodle is a cross between a Poodle and Labrador retriever, which results in a hypoallergenic dog. A Goldendoodle is a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. 

While there are numerous popular breeds that people opt for, mixed breed dogs have become increasingly famous worldwide. Goldendoodles and Labradoodles are two designer dogs that are making waves.

Goldendoodles and Labradoodles are famous for their parentage – Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and Poodles. Most people like the breed because they share the Poodle’s intelligence and non-shedding coat.

Are you in a dilemma about choosing between these two varieties of dogs? Learn more about the differences between these two dog breeds.

What is a Labradoodle?

The fact that the Labradoodle has become so well-known so soon is hardly unexpected. The Australian Royal Guide Dogs Association organized the first crosses of Poodles with Labrador Retrievers to produce hypoallergenic guide dogs.

The result was a gregarious, intelligent dog with a low-shedding coat and a temperament suitable for guiding dogs – Labradoodles. Although the Australian Labradoodle hybrid breed has not yet achieved consistency in character or fur, they are incredibly lovable dogs.

Labradoodle dog stands in an open field.
A Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle.

What is a Goldendoodle?

The breeders combined the Poodle and the Golden Retriever to create the “designer dog,” the Goldendoodle puppy. This Doodle, like all other creative “breeds,” is a cross-breed rather than a distinct breed that is becoming increasingly well-liked.

These dog breeds have good health and some of the most outstanding qualities of their family breeds, including being affectionate, clever, and low shedders. Finding a more devoted friend is challenging, making them ideal for inexperienced and seasoned dog families. 

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Goldendoodle dog relaxing in a pop-up tent.
A Goldendoodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

Goldendoodle vs Labradoodle: How Are They Different?

Several factors bring out the differences between the two mixed breeds of dogs. 

Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle
20 in. to 25 in. tall Height 23 in. to 25 in. tall
44 lbs. to 75 lbs. Weight 44 lbs. to 100 lbs.
The coat is pretty short and wavy Coat The coat is long yet curly
White, black, gold, cream, etc Color Coffee-colored, gold, cream, etc.
Needs one hour of exercise daily Exercise Need outdoor exercise every day for at least one hour
Social, friendly, but can be a little distant from new people Temperament Eager, social, and loves anyone

Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle: Differences Explained


While both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles have hypoallergenic coats, their coats differ in some ways. These variances are noticeable even in their coats at birth.

The standard Labradoodle coat is shorter, wirier, and available in a broader range of coat colors, including black, cocoa, red, cream, white, yellow, and parti-colored (multi-colored) coats. Due to their wiry coats, first-generation Labradoodles tend to shed a lot. Goldendoodles often have thicker, wavy fur that is either red, cream, apricot, golden (caramel), or cream-colored.


While both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are friendly, pleasant, and excellent family dogs, there are a few subtle distinctions between the two breeds. Generally, Goldendoodles are friendlier, trainable, and more animated, and their joy lasts a lot longer than the Labradoodles.

New Goldendoodle puppies constantly wag their tails. Some Labradoodles, though still devoted pets, might be a little more reserved than Goldendoodles. Labradoodles are less inclined to make new friends, but they are still lively, playful dogs dedicated to their families. 

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A Labradoodle will usually stick closer to their “person,” but a Goldendoodle is generally quicker to approach a total stranger.


Wally Cochran, a breeder in Australia, produced the first Labradoodles in 1988. He sought to make guide or service dogs for a woman who was blind and whose husband had dog allergies by crossing the friendly Labrador with the non-allergenic Poodle.

Wally took his time choosing the ideal Poodle for the hybrid and sent the couple 33 specimens of dog hair to screen for allergic reaction. The Labradoodle puppy was created after they ultimately decided on the standard Poodle.

The cross-breed between the parent breeds of Golden Retriever and Poodle is a Goldendoodle. It’s unknown exactly when they were initially bred, although it was probably in the late 1980s or early 1990s. 

It seems that breeders would wish to combine these desired features as Poodles are usually regarded as one of the brightest breeds. At the same time, Goldens are famed for their devotion and loyalty as guard dogs. Many people think that the popularity and success of the Labradoodle also served as inspiration.


High-energy dogs like Labradoodles require lots of exercise. A sectioned backyard is a good idea so the dog can run and play. This energetic breed can also benefit from long walks, runs, or treks to burn off excess energy and keep them away from health issues. They also take pleasure in tracking, herding, and agility training.

Thanks to its Retriever ancestry, this energetic breed is recognized for its love of water. Generally speaking, Labradoodles struggle in apartment situations due to their high energy level. They can easily have 12-15 years of adequate playtime and physical activity.

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Although they may not need as much activity as Labradoodles, Goldendoodles are still active dogs that need around thirty minutes of exercise daily. They can also enjoy longer runs or treks and stay consistent with a busy family, but you must groom them well. You can either opt for regular grooming at home or hire a trained groomer for your Poodle mixes. 

Goldendoodles adore the water and take great pleasure in swimming and playing fetch. They can be more laid-back than Labradoodles. However, they still like to spend as much time as possible with their owners.

Which is Calmer: Labradoodle or Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles are a bit more mellow than Labradoodles. Goldendoodles have a very pleasing personality and can gel with everyone, making them ideal family pets.

However, Labradoodles are very loyal and friendly with family members but can be aloof when it comes to strangers. If you’re planning to get one and become a poodle parent, make sure it’s from a reputable breeder.


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