Difference Between Frog and Toad

Difference Between Frog and Toad

The main difference between frog and toad is length. Frogs have long legs, whereas toads have short legs. Also, most frogs have supple skin, while toads have dry, warty skin. 

People often confuse two famous amphibians: frogs and toads. Do you know the differences between these two animals? Dive in to know more.

What is a Frog?

Frogs are amphibians that have soft, supple, slimy skin. They also have teeth in their upper jaw. Most importantly their eyeballs protrude further than a toad’s, and they have broader hind legs.

The Ranidae family has numerous different subspecies of frogs. Additionally, these subspecies may be present on every continent in the world. Frogs don’t live on any other continent besides Antarctica. Although frogs and toads appear similar from a distance, they differ significantly.

Difference between frog and toad
Frogs have longer legs and more supple skin when compared with toads.

What is a Toad?

Toads belong to the family Bufonidae. They have several subspecies and are present on all continents except for Antarctica. They resemble frogs in appearance due to their small, inflexible bodies, broad heads, two front arms, and two back legs.

However, if you examine toads more closely, you’ll see that they significantly differ. A toad’s skin can be dry and coarse. Additionally, warts cover every inch of its body and it lacks teeth. Aside from that, toads have shorter hind legs than frogs.

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Difference between frog and toad
Toads have shorter legs and dryer skin than frogs.

What’s the Difference Between Frog and Toad?

Frog vs Toad
Near water and damp regions Habitat Arid environment
They often have a thin, lean look Shape Compared to frogs, toads are small and stubby
Frogs can jump higher and farther than toads because they have longer legs Legs Toads can jump, although not as high as frogs because of their shorter legs
The skin of frogs is soft and wet Skin Toads’ skin is rough and somewhat drier
Frog tadpoles are thinner and have a gold color Tadpoles Tadpoles are large and dark in color
Frog eggs are deposited in groups Eggs Lay eggs as elaborate strands
To fit their semi-aquatic lifestyle, frogs have webbed feet Feet Typically, toads don’t have webbed feet
Most frogs don’t crawl Movement Toads mainly crawl when they move about


If you’ve seen an amphibian strolling through some grass or along a sidewalk, it’s probably a toad. Because their skin is much more waterproof than frog skin, toads can survive easier in dry environments. 

Frogs are rarely spotted too far from water since they lose moisture much more quickly. This explains why they constantly appear damp.


Toads are relatively short and dumpy, but frogs are lean and athletic-looking. Toads have wider noses than frogs.


Frogs have long legs designed for hopping. Their legs are larger than their body and head combined. But on the other hand, toads have significantly shorter legs and favor crawling over hopping.


The skin amphibian’s skin can help you determine whatever animal you’re looking at. Frogs are streamlined and smooth, but toads have a warty appearance and are covered with little lumps and bumps. Additionally, toads mostly have dry skin, but frogs appear moist even if they’re not.

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Frog tadpoles are thinner, similar to their adult counterparts, but toad tadpoles are chunkier. While toad tadpoles are black, frog tadpoles are additionally coated with gold specks.


Another vital clue to the species you’re looking at is spawn. Toad spawn floats in string lengths, but frog spawn is placed in goopy clumps.


Frogs and toads move differently due to their different leg lengths. Frogs frequently hop, which comes naturally to them because of how long their legs are. Toads have much shorter legs that aren’t designed for jumping. This is why they often move around by crawling.


Frogs and toads have different hues. Compared to toads, frogs often have brighter colors. Although some have a brownish-green color, most common frogs are brilliant green or yellow-green. Toads have either a drab olive green color or a dark green color.

Are Toads Bad for Humans?

The toad’s epidermis and parotid glands contain poisonous chemicals. Toad or toad cake consumption can make you feel drunk. The most harmful components of its venom are steroids with digoxin-like properties. 

Upon consumption, most patients experience gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain.

Do Frogs Bite?

Frog bites typically occur when pet parents try to feed them with their hands. If you provide a frog and your finger wanders too close, the frog could bite you. Some bite more viciously than others. 

Frogs typically bite due to feeling threatened or considering something to be food. You must generally avoid frogs since they may be toxic or transmit salmonella. 

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Wear gloves, moisten your hands, scoop up the frog or toad, and support it beneath its arms if you need to pick it up. Avoid squeezing it around its abdomen since doing so might harm its internal organs.

Can You Keep a Frog or Toad as a Pet?

Frogs and toads make excellent pets if you want a more engaging pet than a fish. First-time keepers have a fantastic learning opportunity with pet frogs. These aquatic animals are less expensive than other types of pet reptiles, easier to care for, and have bright colors.

All in all, toads and frogs might be slightly different, but they are pretty friendly animals. If you’ve enjoyed learning the differences between frogs and toads, check out our post comparing alpacas and llamas.


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